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A sample of our agencying co's - Seed and Venture ...
... Electric Traction Kit for Gasoline Cars Conversion ... For urban and road use ... Energy and traction system differentiation

... New Car Traction System Patent ... Broad efficiency and economic differentiation from hybrid-electric cars ... Under project and prototype.
... Economic Mobile Platform for Popularization of Internet Use on Cell Phone ... For all phone brands and carriers - international innovation at low cost differential and higher operation speed. Approved by 3 clients among the largest global co's ... 100%+ year growth.

... Software Factory in Brazil and Argentina ... top international clients ... Competitive to Indian software

... Electronic Games Developer ... Family and Several Games ... Exporter to 20 countries, approved at Disney Studios and at international TV networks. Among the top multi-platform global developers

... Electronic Simulators Developer for Industries, Machinery, Driving Schools, etc. ... For training on extreme situations, plus Tools for D-TV - Interactive Media and Content, Marketing Games ... Supplier of the largest Brazilian companies and exports

... International Patented System for Mobile Rotary Car Parking ... Marking and control with time alarm zone

... Patents of Technologies for Electrical and Electronic Components, NanoTech, Biotechnology and other
... Vegetal Phyto-Complex Industry ... Exporter of medical herbs and tropical extracts ... Exclusivity in differential process. Among World Quality Leaders

... Global Innovation in Medicine BioProcess - New Proprietary Herbal Blend ... Plant potentiator effect 20 times more efficient, including mucosal and necrosis recovery ... Licensable to large laboratories

... Ecologic Wood Plastic Mix Factory ... Exclusive process more competitive, patented and certified ... International contracts - 60% year growth

... Manufacturer of Organic Cosmetics ... International certification on Amazon sources with differential ... Exporter with pre-contracted demand to enable 100% year growth

... Organic Waste Compound Technology for Fertilizing

... Seedling Farm for Urban Landscaping ... tropical international know-how
Bill Gates and his partners grew 250,000% in 25 years, Brazil has companies that yielded 15,000% in 10 years.

While the traditional economy grows 1% a year, there are over 500 Brazilian technology companies growing 30% a year with the opportunity to increase the growth above 50% if they receive new input of capital. You can be a partner and take part in the growth.

Tell us your expectation of investment types and values, Individual Companies, Group of Diversified Companies or Investor Funds.

Some cases offer the possibility for the investor to indicate a director in the invested company or becoming a franchisee (the approval of the candidate depends on tuning and testing adequacy).

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