Página inicial O Consultor Suporte Financeiro Contato

- Advisor for Professional Private Investors
- Investigator of Industrial and Consumer Markets
- Exporter of Technology Products
- Analyst for Risk Reduction in Business and Partnerships
- Researcher of Human and Enterprises Cooperation (Keiretsus, Chaebols, Technology Parks, Entrepreneurs Groups, Investing Clusters ...)
- Consultant in Public Organs of Science and Technology
- Starter of the Movement for Recovery of the National Course of Design in Dedicated Chips - ASICs (Aproved)
- Articulator of the of the Brazilian Govern Action for Computers Tax Reduction (Aproved)
- Creator of the Credit Line Proposal for Technology Companies at Parana State
- Former Manager of Business Incubator
- Former Business Trainee in Finland and the USA
- Financing Projects of Low Interest
- Involvement in Success and Failure Projects
- Administrator - 25 Years of Action on Technology Markets
- Writer : 2 Books on the Spirit of Technological Leaderships
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