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"The Real Entrepreneur Works for Human Kind!"
Alfred Nobel 
- We believe the economic returns on pre-applied technologic innovations can be 2 to 3 years and it obtains HIGHER PROFITS than the investment in infrastructure (ports, roads, power plants - returns of 6 to 15 years).
- Technology co's and smart entrepreneurships are generally low consumers of infrastructure and energy. They are cost decreasers.
- There are several LatinAmerican NICHE Developments and Western General Developments competitive against Asia. Our challenge is the calculated risk.
- INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL may worth more than financial capital, but we do not bet on price wars of volatile business without differential.
- Technology and Innovation yields 4 times (average) than agriculture.
- Brazil has 10,000 technology companies and has no Innovation Promotion Bank such as the old sectors of low income (construction, agriculture, infrastructure and raw materials) do.
- Approx. 1% of Brazilian investors and 3% of the amount invested are intelligent. With THESE we work.
- Brazil is among the 15 largest producers of scientific theses but less than 1% becomes patent, product and INCOME. We focus on the 1%.
- Business with INTELLIGENT DIFFERENTIAL grow 40% a year or more. They become of interest to institutional and organized investors.
- We do capital agencying for little released IDEAS or may raise more capital for ONGOING consistent business (or registered). The leverage for new growth depends most on the business potential.
- We can help make 3% more but we do NO artificial appreciation.
- Agile HUMANIZED enterprises, managed without jealousy earn twice or more.
- Business(wo)men who ease data organizing, accept challenges and cooperate on the monitoring are of interest to smart investors.
- Struggling the excesses of bureaucracy, inefficiency, uninteligences and vanities. We join forces aiming to prepare actions well above average.
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