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Companies Investable
Some factors we consider before valuation and choosing the ideal investor for your business capitalization and development ... ...

- Stage of Goods and Services

- Creation, Launching, Tests and Evidences

- Degree, Risk and Continuity of Innovation

- Technical Risk, Commercial and Administrative

- Timing, Mission and Marketing Concept

- Trends, Changes and Marketability

- Exclusivities and Differential on Competition

- Cost for Competition Entry Barrier and Domains Involved

- Agility, Preparation and Internal Structure of the Company

- Internationalization and Potential Defences

- Synergies, Value Increase, Success Factor

- Elasticity Anti-Crisis, Cash Flow and Profits

- Values, Stakeholder and Tax Status

- Concrete and Intangible Comprovations

- History or Entrepreneur Potential

- Relationships, Communication, Diplomacy and Leadership
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