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Young Brazilian co's such Terra, Digitel and Bematech started from zero with innovative projects. After Venture Capital Leverage they became national leaders in less than 10 years. Google come out of zero to a Risk Capital Partnership and became the world's Largest Advertising Agency in 9 years, as Apple and dozens of small manufacturers of electric car parts. Electric Traction With No Brand received close to € 1 Billion over the last 3 years.
How about you? Which is your innovation stage? What is your differential ritm? Exactness and uncertainties? We want your talent to be supported ... to evaluate your strengths and planning against weaknesses. We wish to build bridges between you and the Excellence Islands in a way that you can maintain the control. Your current record is relative, your future value is superlative. Is this a fair support? We propose to aggregate for better and faster decisions.
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